An Affair with the Sea


You are what I love – I always have, I always will.
Oh precious sea, I wonder why my soul craves your presence so much.
I hear you call my name, at night, under the starlit sky;
my heart answers and in a heartbeat see you yet again I rush.

Your waves invite me – you say, “Let’s play.”
A seductive voice ignites fire within me,
and I oblige, failing to resist a burning urge.

You touched my heart and have always fed my soul.
A spell was cast on me and the mind was transformed.
You caress my body and entangle me – I can’t escape you
for your alluring power holds the key to magic and mystery.

I watch from a shore how you play with your power,
the wind is your friend and skies are your allies.
When angry – you scare me, my body trembles,
I resist – 
yet you still pull me so strongly.

Peace and storms – how did you master it all?
You crash waves on the shore and enjoy hurricanes.
Your essence is wild and emotions disturbed…
Regardless, you follow your truth,
 offer love and embrace.

When I’m near you I want to run, jump and twirl.
I feel so alive, yet so lost when you’re not by my side.
What we share I can’t explain, but I feel one with you – I’m your child.

“Oh you are mine, my darling”,
I hear you whisper when I gaze at the horizon.
“You’re a part of me and I’m a part of you.
We’re connected deeper than you imagine;
you love me and I’m loving you too.”


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