I love beautiful sunny days and I love rain. Both evoke different emotions and allow me to get in touch with different parts of myself. Sometimes I only choose to feel the sun on my skin while at other times the rain will penetrate my soul. The truth is – I choose how deep to go. The same is with emotions; we either let them briefly touch us on the surface while some of them shake us so deeply that after certain experiences we are never ever the same.

Sunrays and Shadows is about following your inner voice and being true to yourself. It’s about self-growth, fun, connection, love, relationships, mess-ups and all sorts of experiences that make us imperfectly perfect human.



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A Woman

What does she see when she looks in the mirror?
A wanderer or a lost soul?
Uncontrollable passion that hasn’t been expressed
Or wild dreams and big hopes she wishes to live, but hasn’t dared to yet?
She feels inky shadows and pain; they seem real and they haunt her.
They’re not real – they were made up, years ago, to protect her.
She sees them, she feels them – she goes back in time along tracks of memory where they can be found.
She sees the same woman, but not grown up yet – she’s a little baby
creating definitions of the world around her.
She meets her reflection – a warrior who loves to explore,
who enjoys laughter and freedom, makes choices and isn’t afraid anymore.
She smiles at herself, because she knows now – her heart is much stronger
than the memories her mind has been holding on for too long.
So who is she? A mother? A lover? A daughter? A child who’s afraid to grow up?
The more she lets people know her, the more they love her for her;
She’s a sacred and never fully understood mysterious language of gods,
a turbulent gust of cold air, she’s a fire, and the calm after a storm in the sea.
But more so than anything, she’s the master of her own infinite creative power and beautiful feminine essence designed to connect with the gods.

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