I love beautiful sunny days and I love rain. Both evoke different emotions and allow me to get in touch with different parts of myself. Sometimes I only choose to feel the sun on my skin while at other times the rain will penetrate my soul. The truth is – I choose how deep to go. The same is with emotions; we either let them briefly touch us on the surface while some of them shake us so deeply that after certain experiences we are never ever the same.

Sunrays and Shadows is about following your inner voice and being true to yourself. It’s about self-growth, fun, connection, love, relationships, mess-ups and all sorts of experiences that make us imperfectly perfect human.



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Happy New Year

The first few months of this year were pretty awful. And it felt like the world, as I knew it, was falling apart. It wasn’t bad luck, unfortunate circumstances or people in my life. It all was down to my focus and what I had believed I deserved versus what I really wanted. And hey, I guess some old structures have to fall apart so that we can create new, better ones.

But… I pulled through, refocused on what matters to me, and looking back I can reflect on the amazing year that I’ve had. So much has happened since then and I feel incredibly grateful for what I’ve created and experienced. Isn’t in fascinating how much life can change within a year? And friends… I’m lucky to have some wonderful peeps in my life. You know who you are.

And for those of you who don’t feel that this year has been particularly good, it doesn’t matter. Really. It doesn’t mean anything about you, it’s not personal. If one year didn’t go as well as you would have liked it to, it’s never too late to create a change. So here’s to the New Year ahead. May it be bright, adventurous, exciting and bring you all that you truly desire. May your wildest dreams come true!

Happy New Year, folks!

“If you want the whole thing, gods will give it to you, but you must be ready for it.” Joseph Campbell

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